What it means to be a blue-minded team member

Are you thinking about joining our company? Here's a list of things that you must check if you want to fit our culture.

The blue-minded team is defined by a huge passion for the digital world and an exceptional devotion to turning ideas into top-notch software solutions.

But how do you know if you can be a true blue-minded team member?

You are kind to those around you

You can get past cultural and belief differences and strive to connect with those around you. You try to see past personal preferences and choices and figure out who’s the person in front of you and what you might have in common.

You are curious to learn what others think and why they think that way and seek to learn from their experiences.

We all come from different backgrounds, but at the core, we are all humans, which means there’s something we all like and dislike. You understand that and use it to bond and form deeper connections with your peers.

You are open to helping and sharing your expertise

You put yourself in the other person’s shoes, see their needs, and understand when you can contribute to their professional growth. 

If people ask for your help, they see you as someone they can count on and come to you with the best intentions looking for your best advice.

At Digitalya, others will do the same for you, so you go out of your way to show your support.

You’re an active listener and are not afraid to speak your mind

You focus your attention on what others are saying and try to contribute to the conversation in a way that adds value and is solution-oriented. You know that everyone has good intentions, and you are all there looking to solve the problem.

You also value the opinion of others and try to build on top using your expertise, knowledge, or intuition. You express yourself knowing you are in a safe environment and others will treat you equally. Your contributions might not always be optimal, but no one’s there to judge — their focus is on the bigger goal and finding the optimal path forward. 

You are happy when you make valuable contributions and equally content when you’re not, since that means everyone acted as a team and picked the best ideas out of the bunch.

You are passionate about what you do

You chose this career path because it’s something that you want to do, so it automatically comes with passion. You invest resources to learn more about your trait, listen to constructive feedback and are oriented towards improving yourself with each passing day.

You do your best to be on top of your respective field, read about similar topics frequently, and keep up to date with new trends, developments, and ideas shared by others around you.

Learning comes easily as you often get excited to try new things, tools, processes, or ways to improve your skills.

You are autonomous but not afraid to seek help

You are confident in your skills and eager to implement your best ideas. You know you are encouraged and supported in trying new things and are not afraid to fail and learn from your mistakes.

At the same time, you are aware of your shortcomings and don’t shy away from asking for support from fellow team members. You like to be surrounded by knowledgeable people, always appreciate their help, and actively try to spread the word about their contributions so they can be celebrated and acknowledged.

You strive to find a balance in everything you do

You actively seek to balance your work and personal life, as only well-balanced humans can bring the best version of themselves in every interaction.

Whether you are down to party or prefer to observe from afar, you understand that others are different and are happy when they express themselves naturally. As a result, you find your tribe and seek to develop healthy work relationships based on trust.

The good thing is that your needs are respected, and those around you make you feel safe and understood.

You are ready to become a blue-minded team member if you fit within those descriptions. You will fit right into our company culture and get along great with everyone.

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