My First Year as a Sales Representative at Digitalya: A Journey of Growth and Challenges

Read about what it means to work at Digitalya as a Sales Representative and why I love it here.

On the 5th of September, I started working at Digitalya as a sales representative. Since this was my first job in the software development industry and B2B sales, I thought it would be interesting to document and discuss what it’s been like.

So here’s how it went:

1. From B2C to B2B sales – a transformative adventure

My experience at the local company, where I engaged in B2C sales, fueled my curiosity about the broader business landscape. I realized that B2B sales offered exciting possibilities for building long-lasting client relationships and contributing to their projects’ growth.

This realization and my passion for connecting with people and providing tailored solutions motivated me to explore the world of B2B sales.

This transition was easier than I initially thought. However, whenever challenges appeared, I managed to overcome them with the help of my team. They offered me support on my journey and helped me adapt.

I quickly learned that in B2B, I needed to maintain a continuous relationship with our current and potential clients, whereas in B2C, I usually only met the client once. Another essential difference between the two is the length of the sales process. In B2B, I found a complex process that takes part over an extended period to build a relationship based on mutual trust.

This change was like switching from Android to iOS – a road of no return, where adapting meant overcoming challenges. But in the end, after I understood the process and the market I was dealing with, I realized I enjoyed it even more.

2. How Digitalya sparked my interest

One of the reasons Digitalya attracted me was the presence of an alumnus from AIESEC, an organization I was also part of. The positive impression of the alumnus, combined with my desire to work in a company that values personal growth and collaboration, propelled me to pursue a career at Digitalya.

My first interview was with our HR, during which the actual experience pleasantly exceeded my expectations of Digitalya.

My second interview was with our Head of Sales and CEO – honestly, I was nervous about this one. Fortunately, everything went fine, and I made a good impression. My last interview was with the marketing team, where I learned a lot. After a while, I got a call telling me I was officially a blue-minded team member.

The onboarding process was packed to the brim with information – which was very helpful for my adapting process. I learned how the blue-minded team works, their current goals, team structure, and more.

What struck me was when I noticed that the people in this company really believe in the values they promote; they aren’t just some buzzwords that HR uses to recruit people.

3. A blue pleasant surprise

During my first few months at Digitalya, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional culture within the company. The camaraderie, support, and respect among team members exceeded expectations.

Witnessing how genuinely helpful and kind everyone was to each other, without conflicts, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere I had never experienced before.

My integration process was relatively easy – the sales and marketing team were friendly and ready to help or advise. Ever since the beginning of my journey, my colleagues supported me so that I could grab my bearings and start working on my tasks.

4. Nothing came easy – there were numerous challenges to overcome

One of my initial challenges at Digitalya was adapting to the tools, processes, and direct communication with companies from different countries, which was a new experience for me.

I had to quickly familiarize myself with the systems and establish effective communication channels.

Fortunately, our head of sales played a pivotal role in helping me overcome these difficulties. Their guidance and step-by-step assistance ensured I navigated the challenges and made the right decisions in each situation.

Another challenge I faced was understanding how much people value autonomy in Digitalya. Honestly, I didn’t get it at first – I kept expecting to receive tasks and was confused. However, I soon realized that everyone in the company has autonomy over their work; they are proactive and involved.

One of my biggest wins this year was establishing seven meetings in three months. This gives me confidence that I can achieve even bigger goals – and this will help me grow and learn while bringing added value to the company.

5. I’m blue – but what does it mean?

I quickly learned that being blue-minded at Digitalya encompasses flexibility, autonomy, and a strong emphasis on collaboration. It means embracing the freedom to explore new ideas, taking ownership of projects, and contributing to a culture of continuous improvement. 

It didn’t take long to feel Blue-Minded, thanks to the people who helped me become a part of the team quickly, but also due to my shared values with the team. Since the beginning, I have tried to help anyone who needed it, to be accountable for my promises, and to encompass the company values as best I can.

6. Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do

As with any job, there are times when I could be more fond of the task at hand. One of those is scouting the web for prospective customers.

While I recognize the importance of this task, there are more preferable activities for me. However, with time, I’ve come to understand it’s necessary to expand our client base, so I approach it with determination and purpose.

What motivates me to keep going even when my energy is low is the result – a new client for Digitalya. This is how I get over any challenge or daunting task. Every step I make is in the right direction, and, at some point, there will be a positive result – both for me and the company.

8. Mondays – not as bad as they used to be

Returning to work on Mondays at Digitalya feels invigorating rather than burdensome. The positive and supportive work environment, coupled with the absence of excessive pressure, creates an atmosphere where Mondays don’t feel like typical Mondays.

Instead, I eagerly look forward to starting the week, reconnecting with my colleagues, playing table tennis, and enjoying engaging in conversations on our terrasse.

The positive vibes from the people in the office, the colleagues that greet you with energy – make me enjoy every Monday – even if it’s a day when I have to fill in reports. I like every aspect of my day and try to pass on the good vibes.

I have undergone a significant personal and professional transformation in my first year at Digitalya. The transition from B2C to B2B sales has expanded my horizons and opened new opportunities.

Working with international clients at a software agency has broadened my perspective and allowed me to contribute to the company’s growth. I am grateful for the evolution I have experienced and the supportive environment at Digitalya, which has empowered me to excel as a sales representative.

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. I feel great about where I am, happy with my progress this year, and grateful for my teammates.

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