What are we looking for?

  • React Native Developer, with 1 year plus experience

What will be your role?

  • To develop mobile apps on a wide range of industries: aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, education, and others. Your first project will be a management platform, dealing with media, online publication and other advertising goodies. We’ll start the project from scratch, implementing new cool features.

What you’ll do?

  • Take part in product workshops, with our clients, so you will clearly understand the app requirements,
  • You will evaluate the user requirements in collaboration with a project manager, a UI/UX designer, and other dev teammates,
  • You’ll develop scalable mobile apps,
  • You’ll cooperate with back-end developers in the process of designing and consuming RESTful APIs,
  • You will perform code and design reviews.

What should you have?

  • Good knowledge of React Native,
  • Experience with Redux,
  • Good understanding of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,
  • Good understanding of REST APIs for integrations with a back-end server and/or external services,
  • Experience with Git, including an understanding of branching and merging workflows,
  • Good English communication skills.

What would be nice to have?

  • Knowledge about frameworks/libraries such as React, Angular, Vue, jQuery or Bootstrap,
  • Experience with store releases: App Store / Google Play,
  • Knowledge of Git flow strategy,
  • Experience with building web interfaces,
  • Knowledge of UI/UX,
  • Experience with animations in React Native.

Why in Digitalya?


  • We build MVPs (3 to 6 months of development), so you will have the chance to continually learn & get creative on a wide range of project types - we like to experience with industries so you’ll find projects from aviation to manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, education, and others,
  • We take projects that can actually allow us to adopt the latest versions of technologies as soon as they are stable, so you’ll be up to date with what’s happening in the industry,
  • We choose projects to be challenging from the development perspective so you can play with manufacturing automation, entities with dynamic fields and scalable, performance-oriented components that integrate with existing solutions. You can talk to Bogdan if you want more details about the techy stuff or check our case studies.


  • You’ll be part of a 18 member company embracing a flat organizational structure. Meaning: no useless bureaucracy, freedom to share ideas and ask questions, freedom to come up with feedback and improvement points, freedom to come up with activities and create mini tribes in your area of expertise or hobby (ex: Mada and Monica started a reading club, George plans to teach us ukulele and Marius is building a team to code reusable components). You can check the vibe on social,
  • Day by day, we choose to seek mastery in the way we do our work and to make things meaningful and worth our time.


  • You’ll have a personalized learning plan for the next 6 to 12 months, a budget allocated for it (conferences, certifications, etc) and a mentor that will help you progress,
  • You’ll have 5 days dedicated to learning per year,
  • You’ll do peer programming,
  • You can take part in internal hackathons (we plan to do three this year), where you can test your skills and acquire new ones,


  • You’ll work Scrum-based,
  • The relationship with the client will be handled by the project manager, so you can fully focus on delivering great products,
  • Your code will be following a coding standard and certain quality rules.

Other benefits that, of course, we have (should we even mention them?):

  • Private health insurance,
  • 7card,
  • Predictable salary discussion based on performance & new skills acquired - every 6 months,
  • Flexible schedule,
  • Possibility to work remotely a few days per month.

Wanna meet? Let’s get to know each other. The coffee is on us. Fill in the form below, and we’ll get back to you soon.